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Cutting Grass

From : Anonymous

When I was in Jr. High school, I had a job cutting grass for some people in our town. This one family had a swimming pool. The people were at work and I was cutting the grass. As hot as it was, I decided to go for a swim. Not having a suit, I simply stripped off and went into the pool. I was only 13 and while stripping, I got hard. After cooling off for about 2 minutes, I noticed a boy fishing in the back yard of these people looking over to the pool. He had to have seen me getting into the pool. He walked over to the pool and said "Your Naked". I said "Yes I AM" but keep your voice down. While I was talking with him, I noticed him look over on the pool patio and I looked over to see an older woman had come out of the house and picked up all my clothes. She put them inside and came over to talk to me. I covered my erection and went to her side of the pool to talk and keep some dignity. She made me get out of the pool and told me that she had watched what I had done. This was her sons house and he would be home in about 2 hours. She told me I had several choices if I wanted my clothes back. First, move my hands from my privates now. Second, finish cutting the back yard as I was, or I could get on my bike and ride home the 12 blocks as I was. The boy I had been talking to started to giggle and said "Good One". I looked at the back yard and saw it had a hedge on either side. The back was open, but there was the canal he had been fishing from and a house for sale on the other side of the canal. "No One Home", so I told her I would finish the yard. She told the boy to leave and for me to get started. I had to go out front to get the lawnmower and the boy followed me. He was laughing and talking loudly. Lucky for me no one was around. The kid left and I started the lawn mower in the back yard and started cutting the grass. After a couple of minutes, I see a bright flash and look up to see the boy has returned with some friends of his, guys and girls. Some one has taken a picture and I see that some of them are my age and we ride the school bus together. I am so embaressed and again my buddy gets as hard as it ever has. I can't push the lawnmower and cover myself, they have already seen all of me, so I do the best I can. I finish the back yard and ask the lady for my clothes back. She says her son will be home in 10 mins. and she wants to inspect the yard. We walk around the yard and she takes her time. All the kids are laughing at me and I am still hard. She walks into the front yard and tells me to come with her or pay the price. I follow her as do the kids. Some of the girls have never seen a naked boy their age and are making rude comments about my state of arousal. After about 10 minutes she says all is good and I can leave, but not get paid. I said fine, just give me my clothes. She said she would be right back with them. It took another ten minutes for her to send my clothes out. They are given to the boy that was fishing. While waiting for my clothes, several other kids have shown up. Some are younger and had never seen a naked teenager and were staring at all my parts. The boy walks away with my clothes and I am forced to follow him as he walks around the block and all the kids follow us and make wolf whistles and several of the little kids run up and slap me on my butt. He finally gives me my clothes and I can get dressed. I ride my bike home and my parents are none the wiser. The next day as I was waiting for the school bus, several of the kids from the day before give me some laughs and ask when I am going to cut the grass again. This went on for weeks, but I never cut their grass again!

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